LabStar Giveaways at Lab Day Chicago 2017!

LabStar Giveaways at Lab Day Chicago 2017!

Written by Jeff Noles, posted February 15, 2017 • Blog, News

55″ flat-screen TV giveaway. Any dental lab–whether you’re a LabStar customer or not–can enter to win a new 55″ flat-screen LED TV.  Just come by the booth and fill in a form before 12 noon on Saturday.  The winner of the random drawing will be notified at noon Saturday. We will hold the drawing precisely at noon on Saturday, February…

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LabStar’s Recent Upgrades Featured in Inside Dental Technology (IDT)

Written by Jeff Noles, posted February 14, 2017 • News, Press Releases

We’re pleased that IDT has featured last year’s upgrade to LabStar 2.0 in their January issue.   To see their digital edition please click here.

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LabStar’s New Features & Upgrades Released on January 18th

Written by Jeff Noles, posted January 18, 2017 • Blog, News, Release Updates

We’re happy to announce the release of upgrades and new features in 4 “groups”: New tooth arch  HTML5 displays on all browsers and devices (including iPad and iPhone) Removed all bridge rules–build whatever kind of bridge you want, including non-consecutive teeth Updated invoice display Streamlined subtotals & case summary Reports Standardized case list printouts for production reports Standardized all delivery/shipping…

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LabStar’s Recent Upgrade Featured in January LMT

Written by Jeff Noles, posted January 13, 2017 • News, Release Updates

LabStar’s huge new upgrade–LabStar 2.0–is mentioned on page 18 of this month’s LMT print magazine.  For more information on the upgrade please click here. There’s also a Chicago Lab Day preview description (featured above).

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Free Webinars Confirmed for January & February

Written by Jeff Noles, posted • Business Advice, News

We will be providing 2 types of webinars in January & February: Business Expert Webinars:  operational and management advice for your business, provided by the Approach Management Group LabStar Tips & Tricks:  learn how to get the most out of your LabStar Please click here for more information and sign-ups.  We’ll keep you posted as we add new webinars for…

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LabStar Software’s Year in Review: 2016

Written by Jeff Noles, posted December 21, 2016 • News, Release Updates

FIRST HALF 2016: In the first half of the year we released dozens of smaller updates/upgrades, including: LabStar Attach iPhone/iPad app Materials management upgrade Security upgrades to mandatory HTTPS Staff time clock 10+ additional sales reports Customizable work ticket Improved payments workflow Improved client credit workflow LABSTAR 2.0 In November, we released “LabStar 2.0”, our biggest upgrade ever, which  included hundreds…

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