Over 40 new LabStar Features & Enhancements in March/April 2014

Over 40 new LabStar Features & Enhancements in March/April 2014

Written by Jeff Noles, posted May 2, 2014 • Blog, News

New features & Enhancements (march_april)

The last couple months have, as usual, been a busy time for the LabStar Software engineers–please see a detailed (but still not complete–we don’t want to bore you) list of recent new features and enhancements:


  • Daily Report
  • Technican Schedules Report
  • Custom report charts only show if user selects “Chart” button
  • Due Date Report enhancement
  • Added “check all” box to production reports: Task Deadline, Technician Schedules, Technician Productivity

Case/Production Management

  • Batch move production cases one task forward
  • Use “complete on day” for outsource partner manufacturing delay alerts
  • Added default courier/transit time for outsource manufacturing partners
  • Progress indicator when batch processing cases
  • Hold actions now visible in case event log


  • Perforated invoices
  • Statement addresses fit #10 double-window envelope
  • New invoice management page with color-coding by status
  • New invoice history feature
  • Batch change invoice date
  • Added phone number to statements
  • Removed country from statement/invoice address unless client in different country
  • Additional products invoice display enhancement
  • Prevent users from creating negative invoices (use credit notes instead)
  • “Colon” added as currency selection item

Case Entry

  • Added 2 shades to VITA Bleachedguide


  • New definition of active cases (only those cases still in lab)
  • Search filter improvement
  • Users can now search cases (patient/doctor) in Shipping History
  • Add pan# column to create/edit invoice page
  • Send PDF invoice/statement enhancements

Digital File Management

  • Enabled separate bulk download settings for subscriber, client and manufacturer
  • Added bulk download feature to Enclosed Items Report


  • Allow users to select design groups from for each additional feature
  • Remove “Shipments” link from client portals
  • Removed old manufacturing management links (3 links replaced by 1)
  • Removed old Shipping Center links—replaced by upgraded Shipping History
  • Simplifed bridge notation on RX/work tickets
  • Removed pop-up confirmation for moving cases between production tasks
  • Dashboard username now blue for easier access to “Your Profile” (all blue links are clickable)

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