April 2012 SoundTrack Release Notes: Enhanced Invoice Management

April 2012 SoundTrack Release Notes: Enhanced Invoice Management

Written by Jeff Noles, posted May 1, 2012 • Blog, Release Updates

In mid-April we released several enhancements to the invoice management features of SoundTrack. These enhancements include:

  • One-step invoice creation process
  • Updated invoice numbering system
  • Streamlined invoice management page
  • Powerful invoice search parameters
  • Customized client pricelist features
  • Upgraded invoice creation/edit pop-up
  • Consolidated invoices by shipment
  • Improved invoice format
  • Helpful user navigation improvements

Streamlined Accounting Dashboard

This release was a follow-up to last month’s client pricelist management enhancement, and with the conclusion of both releases we’ve finished two major “under the hood” software development projects that will power SoundTrack’s accounting engine for many years to come. What’s most rewarding about this release, however, is that it demonstrates our close partnership with the SoundTrack customer base. We’ve spent the last 6 months soliciting and collecting detailed user feedback on how to improve pricelist and invoice management.

Using email, phone, and desktop sharing sessions, the feedback we received from our subscribers was consistent: increase the flexibility of invoice creation and editing. To do this, we focused on redesigning the pop-up box for creating and editing invoices. It’s now easier to add additional new billing items and custom billing items, and changes to client invoices are automatically updated across the platform. We’ve also added several new default charge and discount options for customized client pricelists. As usual, all invoice changes are real-time updated to client portals.

At the same time, we continue to upgrade our special QuickBooks synchronization tool—the STS Tool, or “SoundTrack Synchronization Tool”—to keep pace with our software improvements. In the past year alone, we have released over a dozen updates to the STS Tool. Ensuring the STS Tool is constantly updated to keep pace with SoundTrack software improvements demonstrates our commitment to the success of our dental lab customers.

To be honest, we’re looking forward to releasing more “visible” feature enhancements in the coming months. We’re excited to release more innovative, eye-catching tools that improve lab efficiency in the next few months.

We’re already hard at work on next month’s software upgrade which will include innovative user navigation tools—one of our competitive strengths—and improvements to case scheduling and production management.

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