Invoicing Upgrade for LabStar Users

Invoicing Upgrade for LabStar Users

Written by Jeff Noles, posted September 18, 2014 • Blog, Business Advice, News, Release Updates

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We spent a lot of the summer working “under the hood” on invoice creation and management to give LabStar users more flexibility in how they run their businesses.  Some highlights include:


  • New basic invoice layout with new header and logo placement
  • New basic invoice footer with barcode and 3” x 2” tear-off mailing label
  • Assign which billing items are non-discountable items (alloys, parts, etc.)
  • Assign up to 2 different taxes to individual billing items and materials
  • 2 customizable fields on invoice include case due date, invoice due date, invoice terms, manufacturer, pan #, received date, and shipped date
  • Consolidated invoices revert back to original invoice dates when unconsolidated
  • FDA-compliant materials tracking
  • Regenerate PDF for individual invoices
  • Add billable materials prior to invoicing
  • QB sync tool updated with new tax settings
  • Admins, technicians, and accountants can add materials

Invoice popup:

  • New overall design—easier to read case summary information and add additional billing items
  • Discounted prices have cross-out showing exact discount amount
  • New “item-based” discount column for precise price adjustments
  • Add billable materials to invoices with instant search dropdown
  • View and enter case notes
  • Set and update case flags
  • Option to set/change invoice date on popup
  • Include materials information on invoice
  • Clearer presentation of discounts, taxes, shipping & handling
  • Precise tax amounts for each item displayed
  • Prevents users from creating invoice with alloy quantity of $0



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