LabStar 2.0 Will Arrive on November 10th!

LabStar 2.0 Will Arrive on November 10th!

Written by Jeff Noles, posted November 2, 2016 • Blog, Release Updates

We’re delighted to announce the imminent arrival, on November 10th, of LabStar 2.0–the next generation of dental lab software.

We upgraded to LabStar 2.0 so our customers can enjoy an even easier-to-use, faster, more powerful lab management software.  The team has spent over a year collecting feedback, designing, writing code, and testing for this exciting upgrade.  We’ve made hundreds of changes–some big, some small.  Highlights include:

  • Updated overall design for easier navigation
  • New login page where labs can display a custom image
  • Redesigned, customizable dashboards
  • New navigation bar
  • Dynamic scheduling calendar
  • More powerful case search with new advanced search
  • Redesigned, downloadable search results
  • New technician scheduling calendar
  • Updated production dashboard charts
  • New production search results & case barcode printouts
  • Improved batch scan
  • Clickable billing charts
  • Redesigned client portal & scheduling calendar
  • Add “custom links” to client portal (videos, shipping labels, documents, etc.)
  • New outsource manufacturing partner portals
  • Updated reports
  • Much, more more….

We’re happy to answer any and all questions about LabStar 2.0.  Feel free to email the LabStar Support Team, use the chat button at the bottom right of this screen, or call us directly on 323-522-3120.

We’re looking forward to unveiling LabStar 2.0 next week!

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