LabStar Summer 2015 New Features & Upgrades Overview

LabStar Summer 2015 New Features & Upgrades Overview

Written by Jeff Noles, posted July 29, 2015 • Blog, Business Advice, News, Release Updates

labstar summer 2015 updgrade


Over the past year, we’ve been collecting your feedback on case tracking and production line management, and this August we will release over 200 upgrades and new features.  Some highlights include:

Combination Case Scheduling – Same production line

Two materials in the same bridge?  Different crowns in the same case? A crown over an abutment?  No problem.  Combined case logic will merge both schedules and adjust them within the time frame that you select.

Combination Case Scheduling – Different production lines

Combined schedules for fixed and removable restorations

Add and Delete Tasks During Manufacturing

Add and delete tasks on the fly using the new reschedule slider.

Change Material Mid-Manufacturing

The case is being designed when the doctor calls to change the Zirconia #14 and 15 to e.max. Edit the item with the click of a button, and the work ticket will update all remaining tasks with the new schedule.

Forward and Backward Scheduling

The doctor doesn’t need the case until the end of next month? We’ve added a system setting that lets you choose whether to schedule cases forward from receive date or backwards from ship date.  You may also forward or backward schedule a case at any time using the new reschedule slider.

Additional products can follow schedules

This enhancement allows additional products (formerly reserved for services) to be attached to schedules, so they can be combined with items using combined schedule logic.

Remakes & Adjustments

You may now select which schedule you would like an adjustment or remake case to follow, for ultimate control and flexibility during important manufacturing processes.

Incompressible Tasks

Worried that you don’t have enough time to finish a case?  Combined case logic gives you the option to designate specific tasks as “incompressible,” so that when when a schedule is compressed, the time allocated for that task will be preserved.  This feature is especially for managing case due dates with outsource milling centers and production labs.

Patient Appointment Time

Time is tight and you need to know when the patient is coming in?  There is now an additional field in case entry for date and time of patient appointment.

Technician Assignment

New column in schedule creation allows you to automatically assign technicians for each step of each product.

New tablet-friendly technician interface

Have your technicians scan materials, sign off on cases, view and add file attachments, and record case notes all in one easy to access location.

New technician permissions

Control which departments and cases each individual technician has access to with new technician permissions.

New “Current Task” column in search results and schedules

A case is scheduled for a particular department on a particular day but it’s running late. Find out the exact location of that case and how far behind it is with new “Current Task” visibility site-wide.

And much, much more…

As noted above, we’re releasing over 200 updates to help our customers simplify their manufacturing workflows. We encourage you to get in touch to set up training, and we will be happy to guide you through all the new and improved features.  Find out more about some of these features here.  Also feel free to browse the Help Center which has also been updated with dozens of new articles.

Thank you!

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