LabStar’s New Features & Upgrades Released on January 18th

LabStar’s New Features & Upgrades Released on January 18th

Written by Jeff Noles, posted January 18, 2017 • Blog, News, Release Updates

We’re happy to announce the release of upgrades and new features in 4 “groups”:

New tooth arch 

  • HTML5 displays on all browsers and devices (including iPad and iPhone)
  • Removed all bridge rules–build whatever kind of bridge you want, including non-consecutive teeth

Updated invoice display

  • Streamlined subtotals & case summary


  • Standardized case list printouts for production reports
  • Standardized all delivery/shipping reports
  • Improved “Balance Snapshot” report
  • “Unassigned” category added to technician productivity

Navigation / Ease-of-Use (highlights from more than a dozen)

  • Improved download status management in Digital Transfer
  • Office name shows for duplicate doctors in Advanced Search
  • “Ship Date” column added to production search results for Admin users
  • Streamlined permission templates & permission names

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LabStar will become 3Shape LMS