New LabStar Feature: Reschedule Production Tasks

New LabStar Feature: Reschedule Production Tasks

Written by Jeff Noles, posted November 18, 2014 • Blog, Release Updates

11-19-2014, Reschedule production tasks, blog


As part of a larger production management overhaul, LabStar is introducing “Reschedule Tasks” for all cases in production management.  Features include:

  • Right-hand slider that shows current schedule of remaining tasks
  • Change task deadlines to accommodate technician schedules and workloads
  • Change ship date or due date
  • Schedule tasks forward from case receipt or backwards from due date
  • Updated work tickets automatically print upon confirmation of task schedule changes
  • Accessible from multiple locations:  case search results, case record, production dashboard, and technician’s scan screen
  • Real-time capacity scheduling updates for all date changes

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