SoundTrack Dental Lab Software QuickBooks Integration

SoundTrack Dental Lab Software QuickBooks Integration

Written by Jeff Noles, posted May 15, 2012 • Blog

SoundTrack Web-Based Dental Lab Software Easily Connects with QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the most popular small-business accounting software in the United States, and the majority of our dental lab customers use it in their businesses. Because of its widespread use in the lab industry, we provide SoundTrack software users with the “STS Tool” to synchronize all SoundTrack-created invoices with QuickBooks.

The STS Tool (short for SoundTrack Synchronization Tool) allows our customers to control the frequency and timing of when they synchronize invoices with QuickBooks — whether it’s monthly, weekly, daily or hourly.

The 3-step process is simple:

  • Select the “Export QB” button on the SoundTrack invoice management page and save the file on your computer
  • Open up the STS Tool—an app available for free with your SoundTrack subscription—and select both the invoice file and the corresponding company accounts in QuickBooks
  • Complete the synchronization with the push of a button

In effect, SoundTrack is the “master file” for all invoices: not only do you create all invoices on SoundTrack, but all invoice changes and edits are also made on SoundTrack and will be automatically synchronized the next time you use the STS Tool. By using SoundTrack to manage all invoices, you enable your clients to view and print all of their invoices and statements at any time just by logging in to their private dentist dashboards. All invoices are updated real-time for your clients.

SoundBite Technology frequently updates the STS Tool to keep pace with changes to QuickBooks upgrades and/or enhancements to SoundTrack. Because SoundTrack is web-based, our customers only have to turn on their web browsers and the most recent version of the STS Tool is available—no time-consuming manual updates required.

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