SoundTrack June 2012 Release Notes

SoundTrack June 2012 Release Notes

Written by Jeff Noles, posted July 19, 2012 • Blog, Release Updates

We’re a little behind in updating our blog, so I wanted to post an update about the new features/enhancements we released to SoundTrack last month in June 2012. Although our main focus continues to be the new Production Dashboard release in August, we’re also working hard to respond to customer requests for enhancements and new features. In June our release focused on 3 areas:


  • Case elapsed time in subscriber search results
  • New case progress bar
  • New case gear dropdown
  • Improved search toggle between active/all cases
  • Outsourced manufacturer search results redesign


  • Change “ship by date” independent of “due date”
  • Quickly search “due date” and “ship by date” search results
  • Adjust due date during Express Case Entry
  • Allow clients to set their own due date during case entry

Digital File Management

  • Bulk file download

The navigation/ease-of-use items underscore our industry leadership in user-friendly design. The most requested feature of this bunch—whether for milling centers that turn around cases in hours or for implant labs that complete cases over a matter of weeks—is the case elapsed time. The scheduling enhancements are preparation for the upcoming production dashboard. Finally, the digital file management is a special feature that’s available for both subscribers and clients who manage large volumes of digital files (there’s already a bulk file upload available).

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