Take Control of Sharing & Managing Digital Files with LabStar's all-new Digital Transfer

Take Control of Sharing & Managing Digital Files with LabStar's all-new Digital Transfer

Written by Jeff Noles, posted August 18, 2015 • Blog, News, Release Updates

LabStar digital transfer feature


Take the first step in controlling your digital future by using LabStar’s all-new Digital Transfer.  With nearly 2.5 million files shared in the past 12 months on the LabStar platform, we’ve learned a lot about what dental labs need to easily, and quickly, share & manage their digital files.  We’ve taken everything we’ve learned and put it into LabStar’s new Digital Transfer feature.

One of the biggest challenges labs face with file sharing is that their clients don’t (or won’t) spend “extra” time to share files.  Therefore, clients can choose from 3 different approaches to sharing files–whatever’s easiest for them:

  1. Drag and drop files to LabStar
  2. Upload files from a computer’s hard drive
  3. Send files/attachments directly into LabStar via email

Each LabStar customer has a unique email address to receive emails with attachments or photos–or, if they prefer, labs can forward client emails to their unique address.  Once the file is securely received by LabStar, labs can create a new case or attach the file to an existing case.  Digital Transfer provides additional tools for file management including batch case editing, linking files, and creating multiple cases simultaneously.  Read even more about the capabilities of Digital Transfer here.

We’re conducting final testing now.  We’ll keep you posted on when it’s going live–we expect within the next 3 weeks!


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