Welcome to Cloud-Based Dental Lab Billing

Welcome to Cloud-Based Dental Lab Billing

Written by Jeff Noles, posted April 2, 2012 • Blog

If you own your own dental lab, you know that success depends on your ability to effectively manage your client accounts. Every minute you spend on bookkeeping takes you away from your work, and ultimately cuts into your margins.

Streamline the Billing Process

The right lab management software allows dental labs to quickly and accurately solve the two biggest headaches in client billing:

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  • Easily creating invoices and statements
  • Ensuring clients always have access to backup copies of their billing documents


It also goes without saying that good lab management software cuts down on administrative costs and wasted time so that lab staff can focus on client cases.

Integrated Case Info, Notes, and Clinical Correspondence

Lab management software first and foremost allows for quick and easy case invoicing: after completion of manufacturing labs only need to select “create invoice” and all items ordered for the case will be invoiced. What makes dental lab software different from spreadsheets or accounting programs like QuickBooks, however, is that all invoices are linked to detailed order information. The most effective dental lab billing software also allows users to access case related information such as case notes and clinical correspondence to help with tabulating the final invoice. If you’re shopping for lab software, though, always make sure that invoice creation allows you to easily add and delete billable items that may not have been in the original order.

24/7 Access to Invoices and Billing Statements

Typically, labs print invoices and statements and send them either with returning cases or by mail at month-end. But if a client loses these documents the lab must take extra time and expense to re-fax or re-send backup copies. Fortunately, web-based lab management software-like SoundTrack-solves this problem by allowing labs to giving their clients access to online invoices and statements. Lab clients can login to their own private dashboard to track cases, enter cases, send/receive messages, and view/print invoices and statements. It should be noted that SoundTrack is the only lab software that gives its users unlimited logins for both their lab and all their clients. All information is updated real-time and, most importantly, clients can only access to their own encrypted case information and financial data.

Grow Your Dental Lab Business by Cutting Administrative Costs

So if you’re looking for software to help reduce administrative costs and staff work time, be sure the software you purchase has both easy invoice creation tools and online access to invoices and statements. It’s not only good for the financial health of your dental lab, but it also gives you more time to spend on building the best restorations possible for your clients.

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