Which LabStar Users Should Consider Using FactoryFour?

Which LabStar Users Should Consider Using FactoryFour?

Written by Jeff Noles, posted August 23, 2018 • Blog, Business Advice, News

If you’re interested in saving time and money during manufacturing, FactoryFour can definitely help.  And while we believe the integration between LabStar and FactoryFour can help every LabStar lab, we also recommend that owners and managers consider the following:

What, exactly, does the integration do for LabStar users?

  • Run your lab business on LabStar–orders, administration, client communication, shipping, billing, etc.–and manage manufacturing on FactoryFour
  • Enter cases into LabStar for automatic queuing into FactoryFour manufacturing
  • View real-time FactoryFour production updates inside LabStar:  case records, case search results, manufacturing manager, and production search results
  • Initiate on-time client shipments from LabStar after FactoryFour confirms manufacturing complete

How could FactoryFour help my lab?

  • Calculate the true cost of manufacturing each restoration by precisely capturing time, labor, and materials inputs (currently, this just isn’t possible with current dental lab software–no matter what any of us tells you in our marketing!)
  • Design your manufacturing workflows to exactly match how your production works; for example, while you can customize production line tasks on LabStar, FactoryFour takes it a step further so you can implement multiple workflows within each production task
  • Decrease remakes by designing specific “error-related” workflows to capture data that helps you fix production problems as they occur
  • Improve business decision making by providing real-time manufacturing data on all aspects of production
  • Customize reports to tell you exactly what you need to know about your manufacturing

What is required of my lab to implement FactoryFour software?

  • Internal champion: a leader who will direct the implementation and convince all staff of the importance of using FactoryFour
  • Staff training: the biggest internal roadblock to software implementation is when staff are unwilling or unable to learn, and stick with, new procedures and processes
  • Team commitment:  although software is a powerful efficiency tool, it’s only as good as it’s inputs; if technicians take shortcuts, the benefits of FactoryFour won’t be realized

If interested, feel free to contact the LabStar team or send an email directly to Factory Four to schedule a demo.  We’re very excited about this new partnership!

Have questions? Our team is here to help. Email support@labstar.com or chat with us during business hours.

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