Why Dental Veneers Fail

Why Dental Veneers Fail

Written by Jeff Noles, posted August 21, 2012 • Blog, News

Dental veneers really improve the look of one’s teeth and overall appearance if they are well done. Many movie stars and other famous people use veneers in a way that lights up their faces and makes them more noticeable in a positive way. Even better, we don’t notice the veneers, just their bright and healthy smiles. But we have all seen bad dental veneers which make us wonder why dental veneers sometimes fail.

A main reason dental veneers fail is because of a dentist who lacks the proper technique to work with veneers, but pushes the issue of dental veneers even if the patient is not interested. If considering dental veneers, the first thing you should do is ask the dentist to see photos of veneers he or she has done. This is a must, no matter how long one has been going to the dentist for other procedures. With improper technique, all of the following can happen.

Blocky Halloween mask-like teeth is one of the most common results. That’s because the dentist doesn’t reduce the teeth enough, so veneers end up looking super fake. A reputable lab can wax up the veneers to make them look more natural.

Discoloration also causes issues with veneers, often from incorrect bonding. It can create a noticeable difference between the natural tooth color and the veneer color. The result looks unprofessional and sometimes dirty. It could be possible that a gap may be allowing stains in over a period of time.

One of the worst things to happen is when the veneers fall off, which also due to bad bonding. If teeth are not correctly prepared before bonding, it can create a situation that will later arise and cause the veneer to come off. Removing oil, salvia, and water all make for a better bond.

So never let a dentist guilt you into getting veneers to save money on future dental work, and never work with one who refuses to show photo evidence of successful dental veneer placements. It can be devastating to prepare for veneers and feel embarrassed about how they look, but most bad dental veneer jobs can be fixed. If the teeth were bonded correctly or not prepared well it will take a lot of time and can be very tedious to repair. However, it’s very probable your smile will glow again.

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