Getting Ready For Your LabStar Demo

Analyzing your lab's needs

As you consider what your lab needs with new software, below are 5 helpful questions:

1. Case flow bottlenecks:  what tasks are taking too long?  Workflows that trip up cases can include case entry, scheduling, client communication, manufacturing, billing, and shipping.

2. Communication roadblocks:  do your clients know what to expect from you?  Features that help with clear communication include HIPAA-compliant messaging, online client portals, real-time digital file sharing, and timely phone calls.

3. Scheduling logjams:  can you quickly and easily reschedule cases?  Key scheduling features include 1-click rescheduling, quick task scheduling, production line management, and easy-to-understand progress charts.

4. Billing delays:  are you getting paid on time?  Tools that make billing even faster include fast invoice creation, multiple statement formats, payment reminder letters, and online credit card payment by your clients.

5. Technology and service pain points:  is your lab software always available?  The best software maintains 99.5%+ uptime, answers questions within hours not days, and provides multiple support channels such as phone, chat, and email.

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