Dentist’s Panel (Part 2): The “One Thing” Panelists Liked Most About Their Dental Labs

Dentist’s Panel (Part 2): The “One Thing” Panelists Liked Most About Their Dental Labs

Written by Jeff Noles, posted November 20, 2017 • Business Advice, News

Last month we shared highlights of the dentist’s panel at October’s Dentsply Sirona Marketing Summit in Carlsbard, California.  This post follows-up with brief summaries of what the 3 dentists responded when asked, “What is the one thing you like to see in your dental labs?”

The three responses varied (and only one dentist kept to “one thing”):

  1. Communication:  “Being able to communicate and talk the same language as me.”
  2. Technology & knowledge:  “Being open to everything.  Being digital.  And labs should go out and knock on doors to grow their businesses.”
  3. Technology & communication & knowledge:  “Go all-in with the  Sirona In-Lab system so you can provide everything a dentist needs.  Also a lab that can challenge me with honest feedback–for the good of the patient.  And finally, a lab I can go to as a resource.”

Overall it was a lively and earnest panel discussion, and the implications of the session were clear:  while labs are immensely important to dentists, it’s expected that labs earn that importance by constantly striving for cutting edge technology/knowledge in addition to consistently communicating well with their clients.


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