LabStar Mobile Replaces LabStar Attach for iPhones & iPads

LabStar Mobile Replaces LabStar Attach for iPhones & iPads

Written by Jeff Noles, posted May 17, 2018 • News, Press Releases, Release Updates

We’re pleased to announce we’ve upgraded LabStar Attach to LabStar Mobile!  What’s new includes:

  • Improved design
  • Enhanced HIPAA-related image management
  • Direct “call-to-client” button
  • Full compatibility with iPhone X

LabStar Mobile allows LabStar Software users to upload attachments directly to patient case records.  Attachments include lab slips / RXs, case photos, document images, and any other images that can be captured by an iPhone or iPad.  LabStar Mobile must be paired to your current LabStar Software subscription before using.

LabStar Mobile is currently available for the Standard Plan or above, but if you’re on the Starter Plan and are interested in using this app, please contact the LabStar Support Team; for a short period of time we’re offering a special rate to add LabStar Mobile to existing Starter plans.

Have questions? Our team is here to help. Email or chat with us during business hours.

Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm ET.

LabStar will become 3Shape LMS