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Complete case & client management for smaller labs

$99 /month
  • Includes essential features such as:
  • Automatic case scheduling
  • Case-tracking calendar
  • 1-click monthly statement creation
  • File sharing with unlimited storage
  • Secure client portals
  • Online client RX
  • Client-initiated credit card payments

Customizable production lines and tools for growing labs

$199 /month
  • Includes all of Starter, plus:
  • Capacity scheduling
  • UPS/Fedex integration
  • LabStar Attach iPhone app
  • Real-time case progress chart
  • Customizable production lines
  • Automatic case prioritization
  • Email attachments into LabStar
  • Quickbooks online integration
  • Email invoices/statements
  • Batch invoice creation
  • CRM/sales prospect management

Specialized features for managing large case volumes

$499 /month
  • Includes all of Standard, plus:
  • Outsource manufacturing partner portal
  • Materials management
  • Digital transfer batch case editing
  • 3Shape file reader
  • Staff timeclock
  • Customizable orders & sales reports
  • Sales team reporting

Not sure which plan fits best?
Contact the LabStar team and we'll help you choose the best plan for your lab.

All plans include...

Integrated barcoding
Client profile management
Paperless/tablet-friendly tech interface

Real-time client order tracking
Drag-and-drop file uploads
24/7 client access to statements

Integrated credit card payments
HIPAA-compliant messaging

Frequently asked questions

What sort of training does LabStar provide?

All customers get unlimited fee access to live training as well as access to LabStar Help Center. The 24/7 Help Center provides articles, videos and answers to frequently asked questions. We're also pleased to schedule additional "refresher" training free of charge.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Although we hope to support your lab for the long term, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How often is LabStar upgraded?

We work as hard as possible to ensure that LabStar remains at the forefront of technology for our customers. New features, updates and product enhancements roll out each month

Is there a start-up fee?

Yes. LabStar's 1-time start-up fee is $249 and covers site setup & training.

Can I back up my own data?

LabStar allows you to download active case and invoicing data at any time. Any information you put into LabStar is yours—and can be downloaded to spreadsheets at any time.

Is LabStar secure?

LabStar offers end-to-end encryption and our infrastructure is hosted in physically secure, managed data centers in the AWS global network. We perform geo-redundant backups multiple times per day to ensure your data is never lost.

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