Why Dental Veneers Fail

Why Dental Veneers Fail

Written by Jeff Noles, posted August 21, 2012 • Blog, News

Dental veneers really improve the look of one’s teeth and overall appearance if they are well done. Many movie stars and other famous people use veneers in a way that lights up their faces and makes them more noticeable in a positive way. Even better, we don’t notice the veneers, just their bright and healthy smiles. But we have all…

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A Lab Case Study: Porcelain to Zirconia Implant Bridge

Written by Jeff Noles, posted July 30, 2012 • Blog, News

Here’s an interesting blog post detailing a patient receiving a porcelain to zirconia implant bridge. The patient had previously had a titanium implants bar in place with a maxillary overdenture. However, due to repeat chipping or the previous device, she was seeking a more durable long term solution. After the new implant process was completed, the patient was reportedly very…

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SoundTrack Dental Lab Software QuickBooks Integration

Written by Jeff Noles, posted May 15, 2012 • Blog

SoundTrack Web-Based Dental Lab Software Easily Connects with QuickBooks QuickBooks is the most popular small-business accounting software in the United States, and the majority of our dental lab customers use it in their businesses. Because of its widespread use in the lab industry, we provide SoundTrack software users with the “STS Tool” to synchronize all SoundTrack-created invoices with QuickBooks. The…

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Dental Lab Software for your MAC

Written by Jeff Noles, posted April 26, 2012 • Blog

Sometimes it seems Apple products—especially Macs and the iPhone—have taken the health profession by storm.  Last Spring Healthcare IT News published an article titled “iPhone to dominate US physician smartphone market.” (http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/iphone-dominate-us-physician-smartphone-market)  The enthusiasm for Apple products is equally strong in the dental industry, providing a new opportunity for dental labs to build business relationships with dentists.  The only problem,…

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Welcome to Cloud-Based Dental Lab Billing

Written by Jeff Noles, posted April 2, 2012 • Blog

If you own your own dental lab, you know that success depends on your ability to effectively manage your client accounts. Every minute you spend on bookkeeping takes you away from your work, and ultimately cuts into your margins. Streamline the Billing Process The right lab management software allows dental labs to quickly and accurately solve the two biggest headaches…

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Web-Based Dental Lab Software for the Digital Age

Written by Jeff Noles, posted February 22, 2012 • Blog

At SoundBite Technology, we believe the dental lab industry is changing in fundamental ways, and we’ve designed SoundTrack software to help dental labs adjust to these changes. Foremost among these changes is web-based software delivery. With only a computer and an internet connection labs can now easily manage their businesses without the burden of hardware or software management. Dental labs…

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