Transition from LabStar to 3Shape LMS FAQ


FAQ for transition from LabStar to 3Shape Laboratory Management Software (LMS)

Q:  What does this mean for my LabStar subscription?
A:  Your subscription will transition from LabStar to 3Shape later this year.

Q: When can I move to 3Shape LMS?
A: We're going to start moving LabStar customers over to 3Shape LMS starting this summer.

Q: Do we have to change from LabStar to 3Shape LMS?
A: All LabStar customers will be transitioned to 3Shape LMS by the end of September 2023.

Q: Will all my data be brought over to 3Shape LMS?
A: All case data will be moved over to 3Shape LMS. When you do move, it'll be a seamless transition--we'll schedule a day with you, sometime in the summer, when you'll log into 3Shape LMS and instead of LabStar and continue managing all your cases and clients.

Q: What will I have to do for the transition?
A: The LabStar team will work with you to schedule when you move. We'll be in touch this Spring to confirm your lab's precise transition date this summer and confirm all details.

Q: Will my pricing change?
A:  Current LabStar customer fees will remain unchanged through September 2023.  On October 1st your fees will change to more accurately correspond to the size of your lab.  See how fees will be calculated here. We expect most labs will probably see a slight decrease in monthly fees.

Q: Will I have to pay per user like some other 3Shape products?
A: Similar to LabStar, there is no limitation on the number of lab users for a 3Shape LMS subscription.

Q: Are all the features the same--what's different?
A: 3Shape LMS is based on the core features of LabStar and includes the first complete integration with TRIOS and Dental System. In fact, it's the first complete CAD integration of any LMS. The client portal, message center, and LabStar Mobile will be replaced by 3Shape Communicate. The manufacturing portals, time clock, and some older reports will be discontinued. Feel free to reach out to the LabStar support team with questions about transitioning to new features.

Q: What new features are planned for the future?
A: In addition to full integration with 3Shape TRIOS, Unite and Dental System, we're planning on adding more digital integrations, digital tools and feature upgrades. Over a dozen software engineers are now working on building 3Shape LMS. Send in your ideas for features that will help your lab!

Q: Will I continue to get the same level of support?
A: 3Shape will continue to provide the same world-class support provided by LabStar. And even as the support team expands you'll still see the same familiar faces from LabStar--David, Melissa, Leroy and Jeff.

Q: Do I have to use 3Shape products with 3Shape LMS?
A: You will not be required to use other 3Shape products, but after you see how easily 3Shape LMS connects with other 3Shape products we think you'll want to start using them!

Q: Will we have discounts or incentives to try other 3Shape products?
A: Of course! Reach out to the LabStar team and we'll connect you with 3Shape's outstanding reseller network so you can find the best partner for your needs.

Q: What if I don't want to change to 3Shape LMS?
A: Give us a try! We believe 3Shape LMS is the best available in the market, and we're investing for the long term to ensure we continue to be the best. If not we'll close your subscription and return your data.

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