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LabStar Webinar Series

Spring 2018 - Already completed, see videos below!

LabStar’s Spring 2018 webinars focus on how cutting-edge digital dentistry helps the LabStar community build better dental labs.  We’re happy to present the following topics and experts.

All webinars take place on Tuesdays at 9am PST / 12pm EST


Driving Lab Revenue Through 3D Printing

April 10th

3D printing has always held the promise of faster turnaround times, improved accuracy, and cost savings.  John Chambers of EvoDent will discuss how labs can achieve these goals, and will explain how 3D printing technology and resins are reshaping today’s lab products and workflows.  This technology holds much promise for full arch restorations, denture bases with teeth, orthodontic appliances, precision model work, and more. If you are considering 3D printing for your lab, or just want to learn more about it, you will want to see this webinar.

View Webinar (recorded April 10, 2018)


Saving Time and Money Using Milling Centers and Digital Production Partners

May 8th 

Milling centers help labs sell a wider range of products to their clients, leading to higher revenue and stronger customer loyalty.  Additionally, smaller labs avoid having to invest in expensive technology and paying the ever-increasing cost of staying “cutting edge.”  Despite these clear advantages, managing the milling center partnership can be time consuming and end up with unexpected costs.  Felix Chung, CEO of IMILLING, will discuss best practices for both your digital supply chain and your milling center communication to ensure real cost savings.

View Webinar (recorded May 8, 2018)


Learning Which Digital Impression Technology Is Right for Your Lab

June 12th 

It’s hard to get unbiased opinions about CAD/CAM technology for dental labs since the big tech companies sponsor almost all trade show seminars and continuing education events.  Cut through the paid opinion to find out what really works for your lab. Tra’ Chambers, CEO of Express Dental Lab, has used every major digital impression machine and will discuss the pros and cons of each, and how Express integrates the digital impression data in their workflow.

View Webinar (recorded June 12, 2018)

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