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2022 Winter/Spring Webinars:  Get the Most From Your LabStar Subscription

The LabStar support team will provide a series of 20-minute training webinars on key features.  Since labs are *very* busy, all webinars will be short, informative, and include an optional Q&A at the conclusion of presentation.  Each webinar will be recorded and video links will be promptly posted on this page and in LabStar's Help Center. Topics and dates include:

All webinars take place on Fridays at 8 am Pacific / 11 am Eastern


February 4:  Billing for Beginners

A general billing overview that's helpful for new staff, part-time billers, or outsource bookkeepers

 View webinar video


February 18:  Advanced Billing

You've been billing a long time and ready to start using advanced invoice and statement features

View webinar video


March 11:  Capacity Scheduling

Manage casework, prevent bottlenecks, and deliver cases on-time

View webinar video


March 25:  Client Portals

Place your lab "inside" your doctor's clinic, improve communication, implement paperless billing 

 View webinar video


April 8:  Barcoding

Demystify barcoding--it's simpler than you think--and speed up your lab's workflow

 View webinar video


April 22:  Reporting & Advanced Search

Learn how to quickly find the information you need to run your lab business

 Click here for live webinar on FRIDAY, APRIL 22nd


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