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LabStar Webinar Series

Winter 2017

All business expert webinars are presented by the Approach Management Group (AMG), a business consultancy focusing on the dental lab industry. This series follows up to AMG's popular Summer Business Webinar Series earlier this year.

LabStar Tips & Tricks are presented by the LabStar team—we'll take a deep dive into specific features to provide additional training and time-saving tips.

All webinars take place on Tuesdays at 9am PST / 12pm EST


Making Sense of Your Financial Statements

January 10th

Understanding financial reports will guide you in making informed decisions for your laboratory. In this session we will explain how to analyze income statements, profit and loss reports, cash flow analysis reports, accounts receivable & payable, and aging reports to manage your business. Knowing what information to look for and how to apply it to your decision-making process will help you assess the health of your laboratory and can also help in implementing a change in course if necessary.

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Mastering LabStar Search: Cases, Invoices, Payments & More!

January 17th

Learn how to quickly find anything on your LabStar—from cases, invoices, statements, payments, and more.  See how easy it is to use advanced search as well as export search results to spreadsheets.  We'll show you how to save time with LabStar's powerful search.

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Hiring the Right Person

January 24th

Are you having a hard time finding the right people for your lab? Many laboratories and businesses face this challenge. We will examine the most effective ways to find the right people and place them in the right positions in your laboratory. In this session we will discuss how using DISC Personality Profiles can assist you in improving communication within you existing team, as well as finding compatible candidates when positions open up.

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Save Time In Your Digital Workflows: Using LabStar's Digital Transfer

February 7th

LabStar's Digital Transfer feature helps labs easily and quickly manage all digital attachments—from pictures to STL files.  Learn how clients can email attachments directly into LabStar or drag-and-drop files into their client portals.  Digital Transfer is one of LabStar's "hidden secrets" and we will show how it can make your lab's digital workflow more efficent.

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Setting Employee Expectations

February 14th

The difference between employees and owners is clear: employees need to know what is expected of them on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  We will look at position profiles, goal setting, and employee reviews and how to create a team environment based on mutually accepted understanding of roles and responsibilities to help drive lab performance.

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1/17/17 — Mastering LabStar Search: Cases, Invoice, Payments & More!

1/24/17 — Hiring the Right Person

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