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Fall 2018 - Winter 2019 Webinar Series (Concluded)

Business expert webinars were presented by the Approach Management Group (AMG), a business consultancy helping dental labs and the dental technology industry thrive in a competitive global market.


All webinars take place on Tuesdays at 9am PST / 12pm EST


Revealing the Mysteries of Your Financial Statements

October 9th

Understanding financial reports will guide you in making informed decisions for your laboratory. In this session we will explain how to analyze income statements, profit and loss reports, cash flow analysis reports, accounts receivable & payable, and aging reports to manage your business. Knowing what information to look for and how to apply it to your decision-making process will help you assess the health of your laboratory and can also help in implementing a change in course if necessary.

View webinar from 10/9/2018


Hiring and Retaining the Right Employees

November 13th 

Are you having a hard time finding and retaining the right people for your lab? Many laboratories and businesses face this challenge. We will examine the most effective ways to find the right people and place them in the right positions in your laboratory. In this session we will discuss how using DISC Personality Profiles can assist you in improving communication within your existing team, as well as finding compatible candidates when positions open up.

View webinar from 11/13/2018 


Long Term Business & Transition Planning

December 11th 

How can you make your lab more valuable?  It's a question all lab owners ask themselves, whether they're just beginning a career or whether they're considering retirement.  This webinar will discuss critical questions including capital investment, business structure, succession planning, exit strategy, timing of a potential sale, and the right tools/technology for your lab over the long term.  Participants can evaluate what changes they need to make so they're ready when opportunity arrives.

View webinar from 12/11/2018


Making Wise Technology Investment Decisions

January 15th (rescheduled

You know your lab needs to adopt new technology to survive and thrive—but how?  This webinar will help you assess your lab’s “technology IQ” to understand what type of technology fits your lab and your team.  Investment decisions such as whether to purchase, lease or outsource will be discussed. Participants will take away a better idea of how to invest in your lab’s technology for the long term.

View webinar from 1/15/2019


Trade Show Prep:  Buying Smart

February 12th

You know what you’re looking for, but not sure how to find it at a trade show.  Following up on the previous technology planning webinar, we’ll discuss how to ask the right questions before buying.  What are the trade-offs between a lower purchase price and long-term product support? If there’s a problem with your purchase, how fast can your supplier provide parts and maintenance?  How to evaluate service guarantees and SLAs? Arrive at the trade show prepared—and confident you’ll find the right product.

View webinar from 2/12/2019

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